Sameer Aryal

Rachana SharmaAdvanced Dental Care is not an ordinary dental clinic. The doctors possess level of caring, knowledge, kindness and professionalism that is second to none. These qualities showcase all the way through their staff to the comfortable office environment. I continue to refer people to Advanced Dental care and believe that quality, caring dentistry is what sets them apart from others.

- Rachana Sharma
(Event Manager)

Srijana JosseI recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a reliable dental care. The professionalism and competence of the entire staff is amazing. The comfortable setting and homely environment always sets you at ease. Visiting a dentist is no longer a nightmare.

- Srijana Josse
(Media Personnel)

KalsangI highly recommend dental work in Advanced Dental Care. They are definitely artists in their field. I just had a combination of crowns, bridges and replaced my missing teeth and can't believe how phenomenal the results are. They did a great job and the procedure was almost painless. My teeth are whiter and I have a much prettier smile and of course now I can chew my food better.

- Kalsang
(Buddhist Monk)

Sudhir KhatriLess than a year ago I was concerned about smiling too broadly, for fear my broken and missing teeth might show. In addition, I avoided going to a dentist out of both general fear and embarrassment over my neglect of my teeth. Needless to say, smiling is no longer a problem, as you did a great job repairing my teeth, relatively painlessly I must add. However, more importantly, you and your staff always made me feel comfortable, never chastising me for the past. You have a patient for life!

- Sudhir Khatri

Kim StephenI had some very sorry teeth, and missing ones too. They were terribly discoloured, with old crowns sticking out from the crowd. I had gaps that should have been bridged in and a lot of old fillings desperately needing replacing. I didn't hold out much hope! Then I visited Advanced Dental Care, an experience which transformed my teeth and gave me the beautiful smile I have today along with my confidence. Their professionalism and eye for fine detail was outstanding. The gentleness and care with which they treat me is irreplaceable.

Thank you Advanced Dental Care, you worked wonders!

- Kim Stephen

Nirakar YakthumbaI love Advanced Dental Care!!! Their professionalism, state of the art techniques and relaxed environment makes it a pleasure to visit them. Thanks to Advanced Dental Care team, I now enjoy a beautiful and healthy smile.

- Nirakar Yakthumba

Tomaz HumarOnce again thank you for your dental treatment, it saved my mountaineering expedition on ANNAPURNA I. 8047m, which I climbed last autumn 2007, alone on this nice 8000 meters peak.

Thank you very much for your excellent treatment. You are the best dentist in Nepal !!!!

- Tomaz Humar